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WillowWood One® TT System - Elevated Vacuum Kit

WillowWood Company

The WillowWood One® System provides transtibial amputees with advanced socket technology, for use with either elevated vacuum or suction, delivers an airtight seal, an internal sleeve, and socket security. Components of the WillowWood One TT system include an Alpha Duo® Liner, a One Gel Sock, an optional LimbLogic, a flexible inner socket, a One Sleeve, and the One Link. Together, these components create an airtight system that moves with an amputee’s residual limb for reliable suspension and comfort.

  • Developed and designed for transtibial amputees who comment about a lack of suspension or insecurity with their current prostheses and/or would potentially benefit from better limb health
  • Ideal candidates for this system have a residual limb that is 5 inches or longer
  • Features two seal points ensuring that the airtight seal does not break
  • The Alpha Duo® Liner, One Gel Sock, and the pre-flexed One Sleeve are part of the system and also available separately
  • Control your LimbLogic from your iPhone or iPad
  • Definitive socket fabrication included

Vacuum Kit Includes:
  • Alpha Duo® Liner
  • One Gel Sock
  • LimbLogic with FOB
  • Flexible inner socket
  • One Sleeve
  • One Link
  • Shipping label to send cast to WillowWood®

Warranty Information:
  • LimbLogic® Pump: 24 months from date of invoice
  • Liner, Gel Sock, & Seal: 12 months from date of invoice
  • Definitive Socket: 2 months from date of invoice

Trial Period/Return Policy:
If a definitive socket has NOT been fabricated, the trial period is 30 days from invoice date and you are eligible for a full credit. If a definitive socket for the system HAS BEEN fabricated, the trial period is 30 days from the socket ship date from WillowWood®. A credit will be issued for the WW One® System components, less a non-refundable fabrication service fee.

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Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L5781
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