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U.S. Orthotics Knee Immobilizer Model MBEW

U.S. Orthotics

  • 8" wider than Model MBE for the larger leg.
  • Deluxe universal circumference knee immobilizer.
  • Soft-foam laminate body can be trimmed to fit various size patients.
  • Three malleable aluminum posterior stays, two lateral and two medial malleable stays.
  • All stays are removable and attach to the main body with Velcro®.
  • Alternating Velcro® straps and plastic loops.
  • 4" elastic patella cover.
  • Trimmable foam.
  • Fits up to 35" thigh.
  • Available in 16", 19" and 22" heights.

Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L1830
Sold each.
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