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Trekk LP


The MAKstride Trekk LP feet are designed for K3 and K4 activity levels featuring a metatarsal heel mount. Dorsiflexion limiter prevents drop off at terminal stance and increases gait symmetry, while promoting even gait. The anterior facing calf shank allows less resistance to the flex in carbon fiber.

  • Shank increases gait efficiency as well, encouraging an increased activity level in the patient
  • Multi-strut construction maximizes flexibility under extreme loads without the risk of delamination and failures
  • Strut construction also increases ground compliance, providing stability on uneven terrain
  • Posterior heel mount

  • Foot Type: Flex-Walk System
  • Material Composition: Carbon Fiber
  • Amputation Level: Transtibial, Transfemoral
  • Impact Level: K3, K4
  • Foot Shell: Not Included
  • Foot Shell Skin Tones: Light, Dark
  • Sandal Toe: No
  • Waterproof: No
  • Split Toe: Yes
  • Adjustable Heel: No
  • Weight Rating (lbs / kg): 365 lbs / 165 kg
  • Stiffness Categories: N/A
  • Sizes (cm): 25-30
  • Product Weight (g): 342
  • Build Height (mm): 68
  • Heel Height (mm): 10
  • Connector: Male Pyramid, Female Pyramid
  • Trial Period: 45 Days
  • Warranty: 36 Months

Manufacturer Suggested HCPCS: L5981, L5986 (optional)
Sold each.

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