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STS Knee/KAFO Casting Sleeve

STS - Synthetic Tubular Sock
Obtaining negative casts has never been easier, quicker and cleaner! You'll never want to use plaster again. Impregnated with slippery, water-curable, polyurethane resin, the STS Fitted Polyester Casting Sock eliminates wrinkling and toe contractures while providing excellent conformity to contours for a smooth finish. Application is quick, clean and easy: the sock simply slips on. In only 5 minutes after an accelerated cure time, 90% of strength is achieved. Removal is quick and safe using channel tube and plastic cutting strip, included in each box. Stronger resin formulation allows immediate shipping or scanning without damage to cast. Knitted fiberglass-spandex tubular shaped sleeve-open both ends-impregnated with slippery, water-curable polyurethane resin. Use for custom knee braces and KAFOs. Fits thigh circumference* 18-24". Sleeves come individually sealed in foil pouch.
Sold 5 per box.
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