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Aspen® QuikDraw™ RAP

Aspen Medical Products

When someone suffers an episode of acute low back pain, they want relief right away. The QuikDraw™ RAP (Rigid Anterior Panel) quickly restores functional mobility by providing powerful compression for immediate pain relief.

  • Custom Build the Right Brace, various configuration options and components enabling practitioners to custom build the right brace
  • With just a few sizes that correspond directly to men’s or women’s clothing sizes, the QuikDraw™ RAP will reduce inventory requirements while simplifying the fitting process
  • The performance characteristics of the brace result in better patient compliance. When coupled with a specific physical therapy regimen, the QuikDraw™ RAP can lead to quick and lasting pain relief for better patient outcomes
  • Opened products are not eligible for return

  • Quick Draw Pro LO Belt
  • Sized Rigid Anterior Panel

Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L0627
Sold each.

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