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Professional Products Ultimate™ Lacer Wrist and Foream Support with Thumb Spica, 10.5"

Professional Products

This wrist brace is recommended for carpal tunnel syndrome; wrist sprains; De Quervain’s Tendonitis; distal, radial, and ulnar fractures of the wrist; gamekeeper’s thumb; soft tissue hand and wrist injuries; and, as a wrist splint, scaphoid fractures of the wrist. Can reduce hand and wrist pain.

  • EZY -On™ feature allows wrist support to be applied with one hand
  • Highly contoured design for optimum hand and wrist fit and excellent MP function
  • Removable Palmar Stay for functional management of the wrist injury
  • Dorsal Stay and Radial Stay for maximum wrist support
  • Dorsal Closure
  • Incorporates our Patent Pending Ezy Custom Closure Tabs™ which allow equal tension of your wrist support regardless of forearm size
  • Semi-Universal

Sold each.