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Professional Products Boxer™ Wrist Support Brace (Boxer Fracture Splint)

Professional Products

The Boxer Wrist Support Brace is recommended for fractures of the 4th and 5th Metacarpals , a.k.a. "Boxer's Fracture". Sometimes this brace is called the "Boxer Fracture Splint".

  • Comfortable (no other boxer fracture wrist brace is this comfortable)
  • Alternative to time consuming and uncomfortable casting or wrist splints
  • Wrist support can be applied with one hand
  • Velcro® Hoop Closure on wrist brace will not snag your clothes and eliminates need to disengage
  • Removable Palmar Spoon, Ulnar/Dorsal Stay, and Metacarpal Phalangeal Stay, allow for customization of the wrist support brace
  • Ulnar/Dorsal Stay is pre-adjusted with fingers in 70° flexion
  • Palmar Spoon is pre-adjusted with hand and wrist in 30° extension
  • Metacarpal Phalangeal Stay is easily adjustable, also allowing customization of this wrist brace
  • Engineered Dorsal Stay eliminates ulnar styloid pressure (not found in most wrist supports)
  • Semi-Universal

Sold each.