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Rieckens PQ Heat Moldable Butterfly Insoles

Rieckens Orthotic Laboratory

#1297 3 Ib. Density Pink Plastazote (polyethylene foam) Covers.

Plastazote is the most accommodative but least durable. It is recommended for ulcerated and very sensitive feet. Double flanged insoles form an arch cradle. 1/4" thick for depth type shoes.

#2001 6 Ib. Density White Microcell (EVA foam) Covers.

The 6 Ib. density TP foam is a wonderful general purpose cover. It is twice as durable as the pink plastazote. Butterfly wings feather into medial and lateral arch areas to cushion and protect the Navicular and Cuboid.

  • Total thickness of the insole at ball of foot under met heads is 1/4"
  • Butterflies fit up to EEE widths. Never trim heel or wings
  • PQ emits a pleasant fragrance and does not support fungus or bacterial growth

Sold pair.
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