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Ossur® Total Knee® Junior


The Total Knee junior is a small version of the adult models which offers security, natural motion, walking ease, and easy to cosmetically cover. Offerering up to 160 degrees of knee flexion makes the Total Knee junior extremely versatile and natural for children who have a broad range of very high level activities: walking, running, sitting, squatting, and kneeling activities.

  • Polycentric knee with geometric locking system
  • Adjustable stance flexion
  • Adjustable extension promoter
  • Low build height and slender profile

  • Amputation Level: Transfemoral or Knee Disarticulation
  • Impact Level: All
  • Maximum Patient Weight: 45kg (100lbs)
  • Weight Of Knee: 395g (0.87lbs)
  • Build Height: 156mm (6")
  • Knee Flexion: Max 160°
  • Warranty: 24 month limited warranty

Sold each.
Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L5845, L5850, L5611

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