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Ongoing Care SoftPro™ Static II Elbow

Ongoing Care Solutions

Orthotic therapy to facilitate maintenance or rehabilitation of the elbow in the treatment of joint stiffness or non-fixed adaptive tissue shortening contractures of the elbow joint. A single setting double upright static brace that may be used to maintain end range or to incrementally restore range of motion through progressive extension stretching with frequent brace modification. The brace hinges can be set with 5° to 10° of additional extension from comfortable passive end range to apply a gentle stretch on the shortened tissue.

  • Static Therapy – Support, Protect and Position
  • Progressive Extension Stretch Therapy
  • Gently opens even the most severely non-fixed contracted hands
  • Easily adjustable single setting hinge
  • Additional straps for more adjustable fit

Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L3760
Sold each.

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