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Nabtesco Intelligent Knee - Single Axis


Users can walk naturally without feeling awkward. The Intelligent Knee was the world's first computerized knee. At each step, the microprocessor monitors the user's walking speed, and automatically controls the swing speed of the knee joint.

Stance Phase Control
  • When the prosthesis senses body weight loading, the brake system is automatically activated to prevent the knee from buckling
  • With most prosthetic knee braking systems, at toe off, the brake often sticks and interrupts swing initiation until the user shifts body weight off the prosthesis
  • In the new model, this problem is much less likely to occur

Swing Phase Control
  • Microprocessor control works by monitoring walking speed and automatically adjusting the swing speed of the knee joint
  • Enables the user to freely change walking speed

Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L5822, L5857
Sold each.
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