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The LaunchPad X-TENSION is a post-fabrication component designed to resist or stop tibial progression in the sagittal plane to restore confidence throughout stance phase, resulting in increased third rocker power, contralateral step length, and single limb stance stability. It can also be used to ease transitioning the AFO. By choosing the appropriate bumper height, X-TENSION can be added to an articulated AFO to rigidly lock the orthosis, simulating a solid ankle design.

  • Streamline appearance
  • Increases confidence through stance phase
  • Increases 3rd rocker power
  • Increases contralateral step length
  • Ease transitions from a solid to articulated AFO
  • Prevents use of bulky ankle joints that are difficult to fabricate
  • Opportunity for responsive tuning to optimize outcomes after orthosis is fabricated
  • On-the-stop, easy adjustments

Dynamic X-Tension:
  • Resist tibial progression (dorsiflexion) through stance phase transitions over the foot
  • Increases 3rd rocker power
  • Increases contralateral step length

Static X-Tension:
  • Rigidly locks the AFO
  • Stops dorsiflexion through stance phase

Sold each.

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