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LaunchPad SNAPstop


The LaunchPad SNAPstop is a plantarflexion stop system designed to offer Orthotists maximum flexibility and adjustability in tuning the sagittal plane alignment of a patient's AFO.

  • Low profile design
  • Fabricates above heel counter of the shoe, getting the stop out of the shoe and increasing cosmesis of the AFO
  • Dampens impact noise of upper and lower sections of the AFO during ambulation
  • Accommodates different heel heights
  • Can be removed by adult patients to allow plantarflexion while driving
  • Can be removed by therapists for exercises
  • Additional stops can be added to increase dorsiflexion while sleeping for an additional gastrocnemius/soleus stretch
  • Simple fabrication
  • Snap-in adjustment (No tools needed!)
  • Adjusts from top and bottom
  • Maintains set sagittal alignment
  • Large impact surface
  • High durability to withstand compression during ambulation

Sold each.

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