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OP Solutions


Cascade and OP Solutions are teaming up to provide independent providers of care, the resources and tools needed to succeed in today's uncertain healthcare environment.

Who is OP Solutions?
OP Solutions is a company who is committed to providing clinical resources for the orthotic and prosthetic industry. Their mission is to help the independent OP clinic succeed in today's uncertain healthcare environment. OP Solutions utilizes their extensive knowledge of the industry to offer strategies for growth, optimize health engagements and care outcomes through information technology, and provide you with the tools you need to build a better brand.

What will this partnership provide to me?
The opportunity to access the following awesome services:

Website PlatformWebsite Platform - an advanced technology platform that utilizes extensive research and knowledge to help differentiate your business and support the future success of your practice by optimizing health engagements and care outcomes. Check out our test site at

resource toolsResource Tools - tools created to help guide your practice in product selection, clinical documentation requirements, and referral source information. Access these tools for a limited time at

prosthetist finderProsthetist Finder - an app created in part with the Amputee Coalition that increases your visibility in the amputee community by helping patients find the prosthetist they want in just a few simple clicks.

How do I learn more?
Ask your Cascade Sales Representative today for more information on how you can tour, play around, and test out these exclusive, independent O&P services!