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Exos Extended Short Thumb Spica

DJ Orthopedic
Thermoformable - prepared for application using a waterless, dry-heat preparation system. Waterproof/washable - can be worn during bathing and swimming. Antimicrobial treated - reduces the build-up of bacteria and odor. Reformable/custom fit - molded to the patient to achieve a custom fit that can be molded and remolded as desired, quickly and easily, to achieve the perfect fit. Lightweight - significantly lighter than plaster and fiberglass casts. Radiolucent - brace does not need to be removed for X-ray imaging. Sawless removal - no loud or frightening cast saws are required for removal. Can be used after casting to support wrist fractures once stable. Can be used to control wrist joint motion for fractures and other injuries. Latex-free.
Sold each.

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