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DonJoy® RocketSoc®

DJ Orthopedic
The RocketSoc® is DonJoy's most durable and supportive soft ankle brace. The unique patented strapping system locks the ankle to prevent lateral ankle sprains without restricting range of motion. The RocketSoc® comes in three styles: Lace-Up, Neoprene and Drytex®. -Lace-Up: Lace up design allows contouring fit. Low profile, lightweight nylon construction. Fewest straps of all RocketSoc® models. -Neoprene: Wraparound style. Neoprene fabric for even compression and warmth. Optional inferior buttress for swelling. -Drytex®: Wraparound style. Breathable Drytex® material keeps ankle cool and dry. Optional inferior buttress for swelling.
Sold each.
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