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Anatomical Concepts DDA™ (Dynamic Dorsi-Assist) Articulating Ankle Foot Orthosis

Anatomical Concepts, Inc.

The sophisticated DDA™ (Dynamic Dorsi-Assist) Orthosis is designed to dynamically stretch the gastric muscles, offsetting equinus contracturing. The use of a series of posterior articulations allows for a virtual unrestricted range of plantar or dorsiflexion. The DDA™ Orthosis also provides nearly unlimited inversion or eversion of the ankle/foot complex.

  • Clinically proven for effective ambulation
  • Designed to dynamically stretch the gastroc muscles, offsetting equinus contracturing
  • Adjustable inversion and eversion
  • Adjustable dorsi and plantar flexion
  • Compatible with all liner variations that we offer if applicable (sold seperately)
  • Optional varus/valgus adaptation (VCA) for improved ankle stability
  • Simplified fitting=Less follow up=Improved bottom line
  • Proven superior integrity of the superstructure

Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L4396
Sold each.

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