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Darco® Body Armor® Sport Ankle Brace

Darco International, Inc.
The Body Armor® Sport Ankle Brace is an ankle joint orthosis which is applied during the acute phase of injury as well as during the process of rehabilitation. The U-shaped heel plate is anatomically shaped to the medial/lateral sides of the foot. There is additional space in the shoe due to a shortened orthosis sole. Straps may be cut to desired length and resealed with the Y-closure system. Protection of the anterior talo-fibular ligament by means of the talus shift strap from plantar/lateral to dorsal/medial, which prevents the frontal shift of the talus. Physiologically correct movement of the foot by parallel and thus anatomically correct positioning of the hinge joints. The customizable liner can be modified to transition from acute to supportive brace.
Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L1906
Sold each.
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