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Allard 3D-Lite™ Cut-4-Custom LSO

Allard USA Inc.

Anterior and posterior panels have pre-attached straps, that may be re-positioned to meet specific patient needs. Both panels are ready to be heated and custom molded to patient.

  • 4 heights to accommodate prescription and patient anatomy
  • Pre-cut panels are sold separately and are interchangeable
  • Panels may be re-heated, flattened, and re-shaped
  • Optional liners provide a soft interface between brace and skin, add an attractive appearance, and are washable
  • Cools and becomes a rigid LSO or TLSO in approximately 15-20 minutes
  • LSO+ = Taller Anterior Panels

Measurement text:
1. Measure waist circumference.
2. Take vertical measurement required to meet prescription criteria.

Sold each.

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