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Allard Cut-4-Custom Humerus

Allard USA Inc.

Humeral Fracture Orthosis made from the 3D-LITE™ material. This material is an open weave polyester material, impregnated with a non-toxic resin to form an innovative low temperature thermoplastic.

  • Ability to precisely mold this material to the patient's arm assures an intimate fit on any size anatomy, allowing for optimum stabilization fo the affected arm
  • The ability to custom mold the shoulder cap prevents migration yet allows controlled range of motion at the shoulder and elbow joint
  • Stabilization for mid-shaft humeral fractures
  • Measure 1 = Cicumference mid-upper arm
  • Measure 2 = Length between 2.5 cm below axilla and 1.5 cm above elbow
  • Axilla strap (64943) not included with product

Sold each.
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