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Heavy Duty Air-Lock

Coyote Prosthetics and Orthotics

Coyote Prosthetics and Orthotics has a new heavy duty Air-Lock option that includes our solid brass pin. Coyote found the new brass pins are more durable, have less deflection and have exceptional wear characteristics. These pins increase the Air-Lock weight capacity from 265lbs to 350lbs. Like most Coyote products, it is non-corrosive and water resistant, making it great for active people and heavier weight patients. The pin also helps eliminate noise issues.

  • Individually adjustable protection pad actively exerts a force directed anteriorly to hold the tibia in the desired position. This protects and relieves tension on the posterior cruciate ligament.
  • Great for active and heavier weight patients
  • Pin may help reduce or eliminate noise issues
  • Increases the Air-Locks weight capacity to 350lbs
  • Suction allows for less traction on the limb for increased comfort and decreased liner wear
  • Expulsion valve or suspension sleeve are not needed to maintain suction in most cases
  • Water-resistant
  • Do not use with elevated vacuum

Heavy Duty Air-Lock:
  • 84 grams, 2.26" diameter
  • 350 lb weight limit
  • Build height: 1.625"
  • Amputation Type: AK, BK
  • Activity Level: Any

Sold each.
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