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Comfy Deviation Hand

Lenjoy Medical Engineering, Inc.

With all of the features of the standard Comfy™ Hand Splint, the Comfy™ Deviation Hand Orthosis has a unique, below the wrist, swivel that allows for lateral and medial positions to accommodate for ulnar and radial deviation. The wrist, hand and fingers are adjustable without the use of tools. Great for arthritic or neuromuscular deformities or for flaccid, weak or spastic hand conditions.

  • Progressively change wrist and finger positions and amount of wrist deviation by adjusting the internal frame and locking the frame’s swivel with included hex wrench
  • Correct or control wrist deviation motion even when changes in the position of the wrist and hand are made
  • Accommodates for ulnar and radial deviation
  • Terrycloth or Headliner materials available
  • Ambidextrous

Sold each.
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