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College Park Espire™ Elbow

College Park

The Espire™ Elbow is designed to enhance the ease of movement for upper extremity amputees. The elbow features a manual lock to secure the prosthesis, with either a forearm counterbalance or spring assist, depending on the model selected. The Espire Basic, Classic and Classic Plus feature a sleek, low-profile design and an overall lower product weight than full circuitry models.

  • Adjustable dial to aid in positioning
  • Models: Basic, Classic, and Classic Plus
  • Lift Compensation Aid: Counterbalance or Spring Assist
  • Sizes: Small or Standard
  • Colors: Brown, Caucasian, Jet Black, Silver, White
  • Weight Limit: 25lbs (11.3 kg)
  • Manufacturer Warranty: One year

Espire Basic
  • Body Powered
  • Spring Assist
  • Product Weight: 649g (Small), 669g (Standard)

Espire Classic
  • Mechanical Elbow
  • Forearm Counterbalance Assist
  • Product Weight: 651g (Small), 671g (Standard)

Espire Classic Plus
  • Mechanical Elbow
  • Forearm Counterbalance Assist
  • Features a Plug-in Board
  • Battery Pack Included
  • Product Weight: 665g (Small), 685g (Standard)

Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L6250, L6300, L6350, L6635, L6693
Sold each.

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