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College Park Espire™ Pro

College Park

The Espire™ Pro is an anatomically correct powered elbow joint that allows for simultaneous or sequential control when paired with a terminal device. Designed with a proximal center of mass, the Espire™ Pro feels lighter to the patient, and provide increased comfort. The Pro’s unique gearbox enables patients to dynamically lift up to 10lbs, and statically hold up to 25lbs. The Espire™ Pro is compatible with most terminal devices, switches, touch pads, and electrodes currently on the market.

  • Electrical Locking Mechanism
  • Electronic, Silent Free Swing
  • Bluetooth iPad Connectivity (Espire™ Hub App)
  • Includes Two Battery Packs and Charger

  • Flexion Angle (preset control): -5 – 135°
  • Maximum Lifting Force: 10 ft/lbs
  • Sizes: Small or Standard
  • Speed (preset control): 135°/sec
  • Colors: Brown, Caucasian, Jet Black, Silver, White
  • Connections: 12 Inputs, Four Outputs
  • Weight Limit: 25lbs (11.3 kg)
  • Product Weight: 1075g (Small), 1095g (Standard)
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Two years

College Park will send each office a free iPad upon the first Espire Hybrid or Pro purchase. The Espire Hub is available for download in the App Store.

Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L6950/L6960/L6970, L6955/L6965/L6975, L7180, L7181, L7499
Sold each.

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