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Breg® FastForm® Splint Cast Brace

Breg Inc.

FastForm is an emerging pioneer in fracture management, revolutionizing the quality of treatment over the current standard. FastForm products are custom-moldable, providing an individualized fit and superior comfort. The PolytrexX™ polymer is designed to mold perfectly to the patient’s anatomy. The integrated DermaWick™ liner wicks moisture away from the skin, minimizes irritation and allowing patients to swim and shower. FastForm allows patients the freedom to carry out daily activities with greater comfort and minimal disruptions.

  • Diamond-aperture design high ventilation; wicking action (washable two-layer body)
  • 35° palmar crease (increased dexterity)
  • Metacarpal support (mitigates hyper-extension)
  • Patient compliance lock (deters removal)
  • Volumetric adjustable straps (swelling relief; compression)
  • Built-in hinge enhanced hygiene; comfort (easy on/off)

Sold each.