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Bird & Cronin AS 1™ Ankle Stabilizer with Valve Kit

Bird & Cronin, Inc.

The AS 1™ Ankle Stabilizer with Valve Kit is designed to provide for functional management of the injured ankle from the initial injury through rehabilitation.

The AS 1™ Ankle Stirrup Kit Includes:
  • AS 1™ Ankle Stabilizer with Valve Regular (0814 0744) – Provides support and protection for the injured ankle
  • Latex Free Elastic Bandage – Provides circumferential compression to control swelling
  • Flexible Cold Pack – Provides cold therapy to help control swelling and pain
  • Latex Free Exercise Band – Provides for ankle rehabilitation exercises
  • Application Instructions and Exercise Instructions – Provides the necessary patient information for brace application and ankle rehabilitation

The AS 1™ Ankle Stirrup Kit gives the Healthcare Provider a product for the injured ankle that cares for the patient from the acute injury phase through ankle rehabilitation. This saves valuable caregiver time helping reduce costs while effectively caring for the injured patient.

Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L4350
Sold each.
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