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BioSkin® Q Lok™ ROM Knee Brace


  • The Q Lok ROM aids in the rehabilitation of patellofemoral joint while preventing subluxation and further dislocation during everyday activity.
  • The high-level compression and dynamic patella traction strap make this brace ideal for patients suffering from a high Q angle, chronic pain from patella tilt, glide and malalignment.
  • The thin, ½ inch range-of-motion hinge gives the option of limiting flexion and extension of the knee.
  • Comfort is a key feature of this brace with a combination of Bio Skin’s breathable material and an enhanced single-layer lycra portion that is pre-tensioned to prevent chafing, irritation and bunching behind the knee.
  • This Cirrus™ material also enhances the grip of the traction strap to ensure patellar control.

Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L1832
Sold each.