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Becker Pediatric Triple Action® Ankle Joint

Becker Orthopedic

The Pediatric Triple Action® Stance/Swing Control Ankle Joint from Becker Orthopedic provide control of the lower limb through all phases of the gait cycle. May be used unilaterally when paired with a free motion companion joint, or in a double upright thermoplastic orthotic design for larger or high tone patients. The patent pending alignment feature can be used to tune shank to vertical angle or to accommodate a change in the patient's condition and/or heel height. With resist settings locked, the component alignment feature may also be used for static progressive contracture management over a 20° adjustment range.

  • Lightweight aluminum component body
  • High strength upper bar and stirrup
  • Standard and High resistance spring options
  • Low and High activity ROM pin options
  • Booster Spring Staged Resist Adapter (sold separately) adds variable resistance in early and/or late stance
  • Independent adjustment of ankle alignment, plantarflexion/dorsiflexion resistance
  • Alignment feature provides adjustment for:
    • Shank to vertical angle
    • Toe clearance in swing
    • Foot position at initial contact
    • Shoe heel height
    • Accommodation or treatment of ankle contracture

Sold each.

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