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KISS® 4-Hole Angled Offset Base KISS® Kit

KISS Technologies

This KISS® Kit features an aluminum 4-Hole angled offset base that can be laminated into a socket with a single lamination. It has a 12° angle and a 4-hole pattern that is offset posteriorly .75 inches for enhanced alignment for hip flexor tightness.

  • It includes an aluminum tab to assist in fabrication
  • Lamination adaptor and spacer screws sold separately (CMP14/A)
  • Two double-pane viewing windows
  • Programmable digital temperature controller
  • Designed for a 1 socket, 2 liner application
  • Serves as an endoskeletal attachment base for a single wall socket
  • Allows for enhanced alignment for hip flexor tightness
  • Total Build Height: 1cm

Sold kit.

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