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ALLELES Design Studio: Alpine Prosthetic Cover

by ALLELES Design Studio

ALLELES protective covers are an alternative option to the traditional foam covers, available in a variety of designs to fit to your patient’s needs.

  • Heat moldable, fully adjustable
  • Maintains shape over time
  • Easily removable for effortless adjustments
  • Lightweight (average weight .5lbs)
  • Measurement specific
  • Offered in skin tones as well as over 20 different curated colors
  • Available for: AK, BK
  • If your client is symes, rotation-plasty, through-knee or has a release valve, manufacturer may require additional measurements
  • Available in over 50 designs
  • Custom color/skin tone matching available
  • Swatch Kit Available: #COLOR-KIT

Design elements on the covers may vary depending on the size of the cover.

All OPIE orders must be accompanied by a completed order form. Please see attachment below.

Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L5704, L5705
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