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Allard T-Strap

Allard USA Inc.
For use with severe pes valgus that cannot be controlled from ground up with foot orthotics alone, T-Strap from Allard USA is designed for use in conjunction with the ToeOFF® family of products and a custom orthotic appropriate to meet the patient's foot positioning requirements. (Use of T-Strap without a foot orthotic will increase stress on the lateral strut of the ToeOFF® and increase risk of delamination.) T-Strap pulls the talocrual and subtalor joints laterally to position them back underneath the tibia. Quick and easy to apply, the T-Strap attaches distally to the bottom of the ToeOFF® footplate; the proximal "T" wraps around the ankle and attaches to the ToeOFF® lateral strut. Plastazote inner core may be gently heated to adjust shape and improve fit. Self-adhesive hook and application instructions included.
Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L2270
Sold each.