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Allard COMBO™ Hyperextension KAFO

Allard USA Inc.

Dynamic Low Profile, Lightweight, Functional Orthotic Solution for the management of genu recurvatum or chronic knee instability, accompanied with footdrop. Low profile and lightweight – a KAFO your patients will wear!

  • Uprights easily shaped and adjusted to optimum height for patient
  • Modular components allow you to accommodate variances in thigh and calf circumference
  • Easy to don and doff
  • Easily removed when wearer is relaxing (watching TV, etc.)
  • Weight Limit - 330 pounds
  • Height Limit - 6’ 6”
  • Use of COMBO™ with any product other than ToeOFF® or BlueROCKER™ is prohibited

Please note: Models indicated as “Not For Resale” or “NFR” are for evaluation purposes only and are non-returnable.

Sold each.

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