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AliMed® Footdrop Night Splint™


AliMed® Footdrop Night Splint™ Prevents heel cord and Achilles tendon shortening when a patient is subject to prolonged bed rest.

  • Helps prevent footdrop contracture by supporting the foot in correct functional alignment
  • Protects against development of heel pressure sores
  • Alternate between the supine and side-lying position in bed
  • Made in the USA

Infant: For infants up to 18 months
Junior: For children up to 7 years
Medium: Calf 10" or less, Instep 9" or less, Metatarsal 7" or less
Large: Calf 10" - 13", Instep 9" - 12", Metatarsal 7" - 8-3/4" (Fits most women)
X-Large: Calf 13" or more, Instep 12" or more, Metatarsal 8-3/4" of more (Fits most men)

Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L4398
Sold each.