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Danmar 9836 Newborn Cap

Danmar Products Inc.

If your newborn baby’s head is at risk from bumping, keep it safe with the Newborn Cap. This ultra lightweight helmet is made from soft, 3/8” shock-absorbent foam and is fully ventilated.

  • The foam is coated in vinyl, so it’s easy to clean using just soap and water
  • Because there’s no hardware in the foam, there’s no danger of the face connecting with anything hard or sharp
  • A soft chinstrap holds the cap in place

Small: A.13 1/2" B.9 3/4" C.7 1/2" Medium: A.15" B.10 3/4" C.8" Large: A.16" B.11 1/4" C.8 1/2"

Sold each.
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