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5280 Prosthetics MagPuck™

5280 Prosthetics

5280 MagPuck™ is a magnetically actuated On Demand vacuum system with negative pressure reservoir. The MagPuck™is self contained and is completely modular so it can be transferred from socket to socket. It works great with thermoplastic or laminated socket configurations.

  • Interchangeable with SmartPuck™, AirPuck™ and VaporPuck™
  • Completely self-contained, no hoses, wires or charge ports
  • Easy on demand magnetic switch to turn vacuum pump on and off
  • Self-sealing socket mechanism creates an airtight seal with every installation
  • New plug-in charger
  • Internal negative pressure tank extends vacuum life
  • Self-sealing - airtight socket design
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 12 months from the date of recipt

Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L5781, L5782
Sold each.

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